A Hunter’s Dream

A Hunter’s Dream

Every time I look at these magnificent trophies displayed on my wall, I think back on the moments when they first appeared

When I first started Bowhunting Whitetail Deer, I had no idea what it would produce, and to what effect it would have on my life. My love for nature, the woodlands, and its territory began as a child when my dad would take us
children on Sunday afternoon walks through the forest. The smell, the tranquility, and beauty had left an impression that would be with me for an exciting adventure yet ahead of me, a journey that began when I took up Bowhunting.

Shooting my Bow in Leagues and Tournaments gave me the confidence
I needed to go forth with a dream I had long ago. The ultimate challenge to bag the “BIG-MATURE” Whitetail Buck. His dominance, mystique, and intelligence intrigued me to no end. During the next decade, I spent an endless amount of time exploring, studying and trailing the path of this complex North-American species. A true adventure and a never-ending learning process.

The progress, persistence, and patience paid off! Not one, not two, but THREE world-class Non-Typical Whitetail Deer that put me in the record books forever.
I feel a tremendous personal accomplishment, and I am honored to be recognized by the Pope&Young; Bowhunting Big Game Records club of North America.

All three bucks scored in the None-Typical category, which makes me the only one in the world with such a record. Every time I look at these magnificent trophies displayed on my wall, I think back on the moments when they first appeared; how my heart was racing, the excitement, how all the study and effort came down to that moment. Each one of my Trophy Bucks has his own story, the location, the equipment, the setup, including making the right shot, blood trailing and finally field-dressing.

Camaraderie among fellow Bowhunters has also played a big role in my enthusiasm for this wonderful sport. The sharing of experiences, the loyalties, respect and sincerity from other hunters have contributed to my hunting and personal success.

Unfortunately, I had to step back from hunting for a period.
I own my own business, and the demands of the business and other important personal priorities required a time out. I sure missed the sport, but things are under control now and —– I BACK!

1999 was my return season–finding the grove again. Taking and breaking records is no more luck than being a champion athlete. Renewing my acquired knowledge and practice is the commitment required to take record Bucks!

My success is the result of personal commitment and contribution by my fellow hunters in learning and following the ways of championship hunting. I am committed to sharing these “winning ways” with anyone who has the desire and focuses to go for the “Big Ones.” I look forward to helping others separate fact from fiction as to what works in the field as I have experienced it.

My goal ; #4 Pope & Young!

I will be a regular editorial contributor online at “exteme-hunting.com“, which in my opinion, is the best hunting site on the Web.
If you have any questions, I will be available to answer questions under my personal mail box at:

angel#4@extreme- hunting.com



Do what other hunters don’t do! Use hunting pressure in you’re favor! Look for “off” path trails!

(I use a finger tab)

Faith, is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.


Note: I want to personally thank my sponsors for offering me their highest quality of equipment and accessories to perform and succeed in my venture.
PEARSON BOW CO., EASTON, COBRA, and all others.

Good hunting and see you at Extreme!

  • By Angel Vogel

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