Americas Best Lady Bowhunter

Americas Best Lady Bowhunter

Hello everyone!! This is Dave Hunt with Extreme-Hunting. I had the opportunity this week to interview one of the most successful bowhunters in the world, she also happens to be the woman who taught me how to shoot a bow, Angela Vogel. I am sure that when you take a few minutes and read this interview, your going to learn some of the most original hunting tips & tricks available.

Angela Vogel has accomplished goals that some of us spend a lifetime dreaming about. She has been hunting Trophy Whitetail Bucks for over a decade, and has found the right mix of elements to bag THREE monsters. A few of her accomplishments include:

~ First man or woman in the world to kill THREE non-typical Pope and Young record book whitetail bucks.
~ Finished 2nd Place in Nationals for women’s finger shooting competition.
~ Featured in Buckmasters, American Hunter, and Illinois Game and Fish Magazine just to name a few.
~ Acquired Sponsorship from some of the largest bowhunting manufacturers in the world

So, on July 5, 1999, I asked Angel to stop by Extreme-Hunting for a few minutes and let me ask her some questions about what it takes to successfully harvest a mature”trophy class” Whitetail Buck.

EXH: Angel, thanks for stopping by.

AV: No problem at all. I am always glad to talk about hunting.

EXH: Angel, there are literally thousands of hunters out there that go after those Monster Bucks, but often come up empty. Why is that?

AV: Well Dave, in my opinion, many hunters go after trophy bucks like all other deer. The fact is, THEY ARE NOT the same as other deer. There are many things that they do different than the normal Whitetail deer. Imagine this, that big buck you are after has typically been on this earth for 4-6 years. They are smart. They have had 4-6 years to study their terrain, environment, and humans. Their habits are unlike any other deer in the forest. I always look at them as if they are another totally different species of animal, and block out everything that has ever been said about Whitetails.

EXH: How about mistakes. What do you feel are some of the most common mistakes made by a hunter seeking a Trophy Whitetail?

AV: Undoubtedly, the five most common mistakes are:

Not enough practicing.
Not enough studying.
Not enough thinking.
Not enough patience.
Not enough goal setting.

For example, many hunters walk through the woods looking for deer runs, or trails. This is how they determine where to put their treestand or blind. The fact is, except for during the rut, BIG BUCKS do not often use these trails. They primarily have their own trails that are usually not as noticeable.

EXH: So, of the main mistakes you mentioned, how does the example you just gave apply to the deer trails?

AV: Actually it applies to two areas: Studying and Thinking.

You see, if you are an avid whitetail hunter, you know that you hardly ever see the “Trophy Buck”. That is because the “Trophy Buck’s” mission in life is to be precisely where you are not. Just thinking about it hard enough makes you realize that they are here……but where? This prompts me to look harder. I think that it is a studying mistake also.

For example, when I’m walking through the woods and I come across a very faint trail, I get excited. How can anyone expect for a trail, that might only be for one buck, to be beaten down into the dirt? I then start studying the terrain: food, water, cover, rubs, scrapes, etc. You see Dave, it takes that perfect mix to hold a “Trophy Buck” to one particular area. Without studying your area and animal, you will fall short every time

EXH: How about the saying “You just got lucky”, do you believe your success has anything to do with luck?

AV: I do believe that there is some luck involved to everyone’s hunting success. The key is, put yourself in the right position to have better luck than the average hunter. Just doing some of the things I mentioned earlier will put you in a better position to be successful.

EXH: Is the wind really that critical?

AV: Most definitely. DO NOT position yourself or your treestand without considering the wind. After I study an area, and decide that this is the spot. I then take it to another level. I ask myself some of these simple questions:

1. Where is the “Trophy Buck” going to be coming from in the evening, morning, or afternoon?
2. Is this a morning, afternoon, or evening stand?
3. What time of the year is it?

I think about the habits that apply to that particular part of the season. These are just a few of the questions I may ask myself. The key is “Think Like The Trophy Buck” would. Imagine that you are the one being hunted.

EXH: Earlier, you mentioned the 5 things that you believe are common mistakes. One of those things you mentioned was “Practice”. Can you elaborate on this subject?

AV: When I say practice, I am referring to practicing with your firearm of choice. I only use a compound bow. Many hunters make the mistake of thinking that shooting a deer is like shooting at a target, and to tell you the truth, it isn’t at all. I will tell you how I view it. Why should you be up in that treestand, if you are not confident in shooting your bow? Believe it or not, there are many hunters out there that can hit a bulls eye on a target from 20+ yards away, but can’t hit a deer at 5 yards. It is a totally different scenario. There is a moving live target, your shooting from a tree, wind, branches, more clothing on, and the biggest thing YOUR NERVES. Take the time and fully dress up, go out to one of your treestands and practice, practice, practice. You sure do not want to work so hard to finally put yourself in a position to get a good shot, and miss because you did not practice. Now that’s not to say your guaranteed a kill, but it sure will make your odds much better. I recommend that you go to your local shooting range and ask for a pro or someone that is experienced in shooting the firearm of your choice.

EXH: Now, you also mentioned “Goal Setting”, Tell me what you mean by “Goal Setting”.

AV: Well Dave, you have to set a goal. My goal is always the “Trophy Buck”. Once I set my goal, I settle for nothing less. I have passed up hundreds of does and smaller bucks. You see, once you have set your goal WRITE IT DOWN, and make your claim. Without this, your mind will just settle for less. I visualize the “Trophy Buck.” I picture what he looks like, and I anticipate where he will come from and what he will do once he gets here. Persistence does pay off.

EXH: So in summary, can you give our members an overview and few extra tips to make there next Trophy Whitetail Hunt a successful one?

AV: Yes. I recommend following these simple steps and I know from experience that it will help make for a more successful hunt:

1. Follow my “Big Five”.

Practice- shoot regularly in a real life environment.
Study – learn as much as you can
Think – take the time to analyze everything.
Patience – pass up that doe, if the “Trophy Buck” is what you are after.
Goal Setting – do not settle for anything less

2. Think of that “Trophy Buck” as another species of animal.

3. Try to out smart him, do different tricks, and be creative.

4. Watch other deer. They will often give you clues that he is coming or at least near by.

5. Play the wind. If it is not right. DO NOT SIT IN THAT SPOT

6. Make your areas a sanctuary, be protective against other hunters going there, and do not make unneeded trips to your areas.

7. Lastly, DO WHAT ALL OTHER HUNTERS THINK IS CRAZY. They are hunting deer, your hunting the “Trophy Buck.”

EXH: Well Angel, thank you for stopping by and I’m sure we will be seeing more of you in the very near future.

AV: You bet Dave, I thank you and want to let everyone out there know that I will be happy to be featured in a monthly question and answer section for your site. So, if any of your members have a specific question that they would like for me to answer, send it to and I also want to let your members know that if there is any hunting information you need, ask Extreme-Hunting. If they don’t have it, they will get it for you.

EXH: Thanks Angel !!! Hey folks, keep checking back with us monthly. We are very adamant about putting together some of the best possible interviews for our members. We will often be asking some of the BIG NAME HUNTERS to stop by for interactive chat room interviews, so stay tuned!!!! Until then, thank you for being a part of the largest online hunting community in the world, Extreme-Hunting.

Interviews And Features Planned For The Future.

  • Extreme-Hunting will soon be featuring all of our interviews in “Real Audio”

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