Glock 27 Review

Glock 27 Review

Manufacturer– KJ Works

Power Source-Gearbox

Metal Parts-KJ Works

Green Gas-N/A

–Outer Barrel–Guide Rod
Ejection Port-Serial Tag

Slide Catch
Disassembly Switch
Hop Up Chamber
Rocket Valve

Fire Modes

Rate of Fire
250-340 fps

Length – 160mm

Contruction-ABS Plastic, Metal

-Barrel Length 88 mm

Magazine Capacity-14 + 1

Outer Barrel
Guide Rod
Ejection Port
Serial Tag

Metal Parts
Slide Catch
Disassembly Switch
Hop Up Chamber
Rocket Valve

This is the KJ Works Glock 27, the external and internal components of the gun is exactly the same as the Tokyo Marui Glock 26 except for different markings on the slide. The Glock 27 is the same as the Glock 26 except it fires the .40 SW round instead of 9mm. These pistols are the most compact guns ever made by Glock, but don’t let the size fool you, these pistols pack high power into a compact frame design. The Glock 27 was designed to be a highly concealable, personal defence pistol intended for civilian and law enforcement use. So what differntiates the KJ Works Glock 27 from the Tokyo Marui G26? There is only one relevant difference, the price! At $70 US a piece, they babies perform exactly as the TM G26 while costing almost 2/3rd of the price.

KJ Works is a company based in Taiwan, the Glock 27 is their first product and so far it has been extremely impressing. The fact that they could produce an exact copy of the TM Glock 26 and offer it at a lower price is just what buyers want. If you can get the exact same product at a lower price, of course you would go with the lower prices one. I purchased my Glock 27 with a metal slide preinstalled and fitted by Evolution Airsoft. The gun is absolutely incredible for its size, the slide cycles extremely fast and kicks hard too. Each shot produces a nice metal on metal blow back sound. Even with the short barrel, the accuracy of the Glock 27 is still precise.


The KJ Works Glock 27 shares identical markings with the real steel gun except for the serial number on the gun. On the front side of the slide you will see the trademark Glock logo followed by “27 AUSTRIA .40 SW”. On the backside of the slide there is the serial number “KJ0168” with matching serial on the ejection port and the calibre marking located on the top side. On the lower reciever you will see the manufacture marking “MADE IN AUSTRIA, GLOCK INC. SMYRNA

Glock 27 Magazine

The KJ Glock 27 has a 15 round mag that is considerably smaller than the standard Glock mags, because of this it holds less gas. A fully charged mag is enough to power two full clips of shooting. On closer inspection of the gun I found out valves which let the gas through are a bit larger than the Glock 18C. On the bottom of the mag is a plastic guard that acts as part of the handle when inserted into the gun. This part is metal on the Tokyo Marui Glock 26 mags. Mags for the KJ Works Glock 27 and the Tokyo Marui Glock 27 are interchangeable.

I would first like to say that this gun shoots absolutely amazing, the blow back is very strong, stronger than any other gas blow back I have ever had. This gun literally kicks, the recoil is enough to put off your aim after one shot. Not only does the slide cycle extremely fast, each shot is followed by nice metal on metal sound because of the metal slide.

There are currently three companies that produce a metal slide kit for the Glock 27 and 26, PGC, Gaurder and KJ Works. The Glock 27 in this review has a KJ Works metal slide kit installed , it is the most affordable one and looks great aswell. A metal slide for this gun is definately worth the money, it is a great upgrade that can enhance the looks, performance and durability of your gun. The KJ Works metal outer barrel is bead blasted resulting in a very matte greyish look just like the real steel one. The slide however is not bead blasted but still looks excellent.

There are new upgrades for this gun coming out everyday. KJ Works also put out a coloured plastic body kit that comes in red and blue, these frames depict the glocks used for law enforcement and the military for training purposes. Red frames are used to denote nonfiring weapons used for retention training (or light-gun training weapons used for PRiSM simulations), while blue frames are used to denote weapons which can fire non-lethal training ammunition (Simunitions). Because the Glock 27 is the same as the Glock 26, it shares all the upgrades available for the TM Glock 26.

The internals of the Glock 27 are completely metal except for the rocket valve and nozzle. The gun is equipped with a two stage recoil spring and metal guide rod which is probably why the slide cycles so fast. The hop up unit is housed in a metal casing and can be adjusted by adjusting the small gear like switch seen in the picture. Althought the Glock 27 only has a two inch barrel, accuracy is still very impressive.

At first glance the Glock 27 does not seem to have a visible safety. After a couple days of playing around with the gun I discovered where the secret safety was. It is the silver serial number plate on the underside of the gun. When it in the forward position the safety is disabled, when pushed into the backward position the safety is activated. To disassemble the gun simply push down the small dissassembly switch on both sides of the gun and slide off the slide, just like on any other glock. When the safety is activated it puts a blocker on the trigger making firing impossible.

Overall the KJ Works Glock 27 is a great gun and an excellent value. The price for this gun is just unbelievable considering the quality and performance of it. I definately recommend this gun to anyone looking for a compact sidearm that has power to boot. There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about the gun. The size of the gun can be looked at a couple of ways. Some people would find the size a bit too small for their hand, I find the gun fits perfectly in my hands and the size makes it very manueverable. Being such a compact gun, concealing it would be very easy. You can order yours from Evolution


Reliability: 9
ROF: 5
Accuracy: 7
Range: 7
Upgradability: 8
Balance: 8
Comfort: 8
Sights: 8
Mag Changes: 8
Overall: 8

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